INDePth Conference 2017

INDePth – “Interrogating Notions of Development and Progress” – is an annual student driven and oriented international conference at the University of Toronto. The inaugural INDePth Conference was held in March 2012, using Indonesia as a case study to spark discussions on government policies, global health aid, and resource extraction in the developing world. In 2013, INDePth shifted its regional focus to China, using the framework the “End of Development”. In 2014, the focus of the conference was dedicated to the Koreas and the idea of “Reimagining the Korean Peninsula” in several fronts. Finally, through the theme of “Japan Embattled: A Nation in Transition,” INDePth 2015 studied the rapidly changing state of affairs engulfing Japan in the key policy realms of economics and national security.

After a one-year hiatus, INDePth is ready to return next year. We are currently looking for one Chair or two Co-Chairs to lead the organization of INDePth Conference 2017. The key responsibilities of the Co-chair(s) include developing the academic theme of the conference, hiring executives for the various divisions, and leading the team over a period of several months.

To apply for a position, submit the following documents to
by Saturday, March 12, 11:59pm
– CV / resume highlighting leadership and academic strengths
– Cover letter expressing your interest
– No need to submit a conference proposal, but it is recommended to pitch in ideas in the cover letter
– Candidates can do a joint application (max 2 together) or individual
– If submitted individually, specify if you are willing to be hired with another Co-Chair, or if you are only willing to be the only Chair
– (Optional) reference letters, an unofficial transcript, an unofficial CCR record

For more information about INDePth Conference: