Executive Team 2015-2016

President: Eros GrinzatoEROS-EDITED-2

Eros Grinzato is a 4th year international student from Switzerland.
He is majoring in Contemporary Asian Studies and Economics. He has been involved with the Asian Institute and its community for over two years through CASSU, INDePth Conference 2014 and 2015, and the International Course Module to Burma which took place in February 2015. With his current role in CASSU, Eros is hoping to foster the sense of community among CAS students and to help the Asian Institute engage new talented individuals for future leadership opportunities. He is also going to introduce new academic events focusing on current issues in various regions of Asia, such as the effect of the November 2015 Burmese elections on ethnic minorities and the national peace process, and the role of the Chinese government in containing the Chinese 2015 Stock Market crash. Er
os is also looking forward to bringing back past CASSU events that received positive feedback from students and faculty alike, spacing from the informal retreat at Hart House Farm which was last organized in 2013 to the Work + Asia Conference that we launched in the winter of 2015. Eros believes this is going to be a great year for CASSU and cannot wait to meet the new generation of students entering the program, with the hope of leading the course union in a way that will inspire them to learn more about modern Asia and to take leadership roles to further spread this interest to other peers.

Director of Finance: Daniel C. ParkIMG_4293

Daniel C. Park is a 3rd Year student studying International Relations and Contemporary Asian Studies at the University of Toronto, Trinity College. Daniel is interested in the relations of ASEAN (+3) countries, the arms race/trade in East Asia, and the future of North Korea. Outside of CASSU, Daniel also contributes to the Synergy: The Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Parliamentary Division of the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, and the G-20 Research Group.



Secretary: Arnold YungArnie-edited

Growing up in a Chinese family but steeped in the ways of the West, Arnold is 3rd year student at the
University of Toronto. The Hong Konger is fascinated by the socio-political developments in both his city and its surrounding neighbours. Aiming to broaden his understanding on the special relationship between Asia and the world, he devotes his study to a double major in History and Contemporary Asian Studies, picking up a minor in Political Science along the way. Aside from academic interests, he currently serves as a Residence Councillor for St. Michael’s College and a Committee Director for some MUN Conferences. Arnold is also a fan junky of Star Wars, and outside of work, can be usually seen swimming, doing some boxing or simply relaxing with his buddies. Ultimately, he looks forward to working with the team and meeting all new students and visitors!

Director of Public Relations: Joannie FuME-EDITED-2

Joannie Fu is in her second year of study and is double majoring in International Relations and East Asian Studies, and minoring in Contemporary Asian Studies. She is a graduate of the Vic One program, Lester B Pearson stream. Because Joannie was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada when she was three, she appreciates the duality of perspectives that she was exposed to growing up. She is interested in the rising role of China as a global power; specifically, she is interested in how China’s rise is influencing cross-strait relations with Taiwan. Joannie joined CASSU because she wants to add to the vision of the CAS program: a vibrant community with a focus on experiential learning. Her goal as the Director of Public Relations this year is to help keep CASSU efficient and accessible for all the students in the CAS program.

Director of Marketing: Ilona LinEROS-EDITED-2

Ilona Lin is a 2nd year student currently majoring in Visual Studies and Books and Media Studies. She is interested in seeing East Asia gradually developing its way towards a more international level, both economically and politically. As a Taiwanese person she is also interested in learning the cross-strait relations between Taiwan and mainland China, especially with the rising power and population of China. Her role as the Director of Marketing is to help maintain a clear and professional image of CASSU through posters and banners designs.

Webmaster: Zhaoda Qu

ME-EDITED-2Zhaoda Qu is a 3rd year student in Computer Science and Economics. He is currently on PEY (Professional Experience Year). This is his first year serving as Webmaster for CASSU. He looks forward to working with the Executive Team to deliver academic and social events for CASSU students. Zhaoda’s goal for the year is to promote CASSU to a wider audience online.



Photographer: Stephanie LimME-EDITED-2

Stephanie Lim is a 3rd year student currently pursuing a double major in Contemporary Asian Studies and Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies. This is her first year serving on the CASSU executive team and she looks forward to working to provide job and internship opportunities as well as academic and social events for CASSU students. Her main academic areas of interest are transnational labour migration in the Asia-Pacific region and Chinese international development strategies. She looks forward to meeting all of you and having a great year together!



Executive Associate: Monessa NgEROS-EDITED-2

Monessa is a 2nd year student currently majoring in CAS and Books and Medias Studies. Being an ambitious individual who contributes a genuine passion and enthusiasm towards historical, political, economical issues surrounding Southeast to Central Asian countries, she is looking forward to working with the CASSU to promote more about Asian studies to other fellow undergraduates. As an executive associate in the team, she is looking forward to assist the co-presidents with the general management of the team including all executive duties, and to promote CASSU to its very best.



Executive Associate: Stanley ChiaEROS-EDITED-2

Stanley is a second-year Trin student doing a double major in IR and History and a minor in CAS. He is interested in examining the relationship between Southeast Asia and the “West”, as well as the history of the European early modern period. He joined CASSU to act as the bridge between the “east” and “west”. His goal as Executive Associate is to aid fellow executives in popularizing and bringing up the club to a higher level.



1st Year Rep: Eileen (Yijia) Liu EROS-EDITED-2

Eileen (Yijia) Liu is a first year Rotman Commerce student taking Munk One and considering a CAS minor in her second year. She was born and raised in China, but has always been curious about Western perspective of China and Asia. She is eager to learn from both her courses and other CASSU Executives. Her goal for this term is to increase CASSU’s influence among first year students and help organize more enthralling events.





1st Year Rep: Michelle Lee EROS-EDITED-2

Michelle joined with the intention of better understanding and to become involved with the program, as well as to network with the ever-growing body of students already emerged in the program. Goals for the year: As First Year Representative, Michelle’s intentions include attempting to help promote the club more so to the undergraduate community (particularly first years) by helping through participation and promotion of CASSU’s many events during the year.