The Contemporary Asian Studies Student Union (CASSU) is holding a Fall By-Election on Wednesday September 23rd from 4pm to 5pm at room 108N Munk School to fill in some of its vacant executive positions on the executive team. The positions out for election at this time are as follows:

Webmaster (1)

The Webmaster is responsible for providing regular communication updates to CASSU members from the CASSU executive team. They will work closely with the Director of Marketing to maintain and update CASSU’s online presence.

  • Is in-charge of all social media releases (Facebook, CASSU website, Twitter) and create a united online image for CASSU
  • Update websites on a regular basis for promotional purposes
  • Compile monthly email listserv items to send out to CASSU members

Director of Public Relations (1)

The Director of Public Relations establishes all external working relationships between CASSU and external parties on-campus and is responsible for the promotion of all CASSU events through external networks.

  • Provide communication networks between CASSU and all external parties on-campus (secure partnerships and collaborations for events)
  • Compile a list of all CAS & relevant courses for in-class promotions & manage class visits
  • Promote all events through official University of Toronto departments (including AI, East Asian Studies etc.)
  • Promote all events through ASSU & UTSU Newsletters
  • Work closely with Director of Marketing and Secretary in promoting CASSU events

Director of Marketing (1)

The Director of Marketing is responsible for marketing all CASSU events to CASSU members, especially in the creation of promotional materials.

  • Design all creative promotional materials (posters, advertisements, pamphlets etc.)
  • Create, update, and manage CASSU branding and overall image
  • Create marketing strategies for CASSU and present them to the executive team
  • Work closely with Director of Public Relations and Secretary in promoting CASSU events

Executive Associate (1)

The Executive Associate is expected to assist with duties of the executive team as seen fit. They must be present during club fairs and other promotional events on campus.

  • Is the secondary meeting minutes taker
  • Assist Co-Presidents with the general management of the executive team
  • Assist with all other executive duties as required

1st Year Representative (2)

The 1st Year Representative is responsible for acting as a recruitment agent for CASSU towards the 1st Year community (1st Year in terms of new incoming students to U of T and not the 1st Year enrolled in CAS program) surrounding the Asian Institute and Munk School.

  • Act as a bridge to the first year community surrounding Munk School
  • Assist Co-Presidents with the general management of the executive team
  • Assist with all other executive duties as required

All positions on the CASSU executive team will be recognized on the official University of Toronto Co-Curricular Record (CCR).


All positions are contested through an election process with ballot voting on the day of the By-Election. If it is determined that only one candidate runs for a position by midnight Tuesday September 22nd, the one person will automatically acclaim the position. The procedure for running in the By-Election is as follows:

  • Complete the online Candidate Declaration Form by midnight Tuesday September 22nd.
  • Prepare a speech no longer than 2min for the By-Election and be present at the By-Election on Wednesday September 23rd from 4pm-5pm. If you cannot make it to the By-Election, you must submit the speech to prior to Wednesday September 23rd and one of the current executives will be reading it at the By-Election.

If you have any questions in the meanwhile, please send them to